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Great, Relaxing Fishing Trip

Thank you so much for a great, relaxing fishing trip. You all went above and beyond! The accommodations, food and entertainment was 1st class. I appreciate the offer to come back down again and would do it in a heartbeat; preferably with cooler weather. Our door and home is open 24-7 for you all anytime you are up this way. Thanks again for everything!


Truly A Brotherhood

Wow what a great trip! Missy, Kevin and Steve make a great team with FMO. Everything was covered. I didn’t have to do a thing except fish. Well I’m really okay with that.what a great way to pay it back and I am all in with helping this cause for our troops. Especially the spec war community. It truly is a brotherhood and we speak the language and share the story’s.

I had a fantastic time and I wouldn’t change a thing. Top notch team and wonderful giving people which I can call friends now and I’m very happy to have met them and look forward to seeing them again.

Fair winds and followings seas. FMO

Fire in the Hole.


Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition. I really can’t thank you all enough.  I had the time of my life. Everyone was so helpful, friendly, caring and giving that I am completely humbled and overwhelmed by the whole experience. All the bases were covered, and covered again. I would not change a thing.  You are giving one very special gift to us veterans.  I cannot possibly find the words to express how grateful I am for the gift you have given to me (on many levels)… If I can help you back,  please do not hesitate to ask…. I love you guys :) . Keep up the good fight.  :)



I really don’t know where to start but here go’s. I want you all to know how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to be apart of your project, to help wounded veterans. You were all so very accommodating and helpful, and the friendship was genuinely heart warming. I cannot think of a thing that I would change. IT WAS THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Every one went way above the expectations I had. And made me feel like I was not forgotten, but instead grateful for my sacrifices. The experience you all provided I can never repay. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH. If ever you need me for anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Work great love and admirations.


Frogman Outdoors Adventure

First, I would like to thank you guys for an extremely memorable time.  The joys of being in Florida and around your family and friends was truly an honor.  Everything from the beginning was well managed and appeared seamless.  At least, if there were any back side issues than it was completely transparent.  From the initial emails to the return flight, I felt well informed and relaxed about the upcoming events.  Missy did a great job keeping in contact with me and updated me as often as needed.  The travel accommodations were excellent.  It allowed me to focus on the vacation and just throttle back and unwind.

In Florida, the hotel selection and its staff was perfect.  They were friendly and courteous throughout the week.  From the later hours of the evening to the early morning rise, it appeared as if the same personalities were on shift.  The room was perfectly placed and set up evenly.  This minor detail mostly pertains to the wonderful gifts given to us.  Right off the bat, I realized that the pretzels were gluten-free, and all of the sized items were correct.  A lot of places mess those little things up, but you guys did not.  The restaurants chosen were quite, low key, and delicious.  For the fishing aspect, you could not ask for a better Captain and Mate than Kevin and Bruce.  From their extensive knowledge of the area, patterns of wildlife, or their silly quirks it was exceptionally memorable to say the least.  And, they were great to be around.

Next, my many thanks to Todd, Charlie, and Zachary for another phenomenal day on the water.  The fish slaying, going fast, or learning successful tips on fishing was helpful and therapeutic.  It was warmly welcomed and appreciated.  On this day, I started to realize how many supporters there were and how difficult it must have been for you guys to find these heartfelt people.  You picked some great people!  It is nice to know that people have not forgotten about their service members past or present.

Lastly, I only have a few minor suggestions.  I am a little disappointed that during or after the cookout I did not get a group photo.  I think that would have closed out the adventure and memories correctly.  In the future, I would suggest this because maybe you can get the photos into the “Tip of the Spear” magazine for the Preservation of the Force piece.  I know that magazine reaches every component and may help with spreading the word.  I would also suggest that telling the guys up front that they cannot pay for anything would also help.  I felt a little awkward on this accord, but that is probably because Alton and I wanted to do something nice for you guys in return.

Otherwise, the trip overall was a huge success and helped me recharge my battery.  My many thanks to all that supported, and I only hope that one day I can return the favor in some form or fashion.  Thanks again, all of you are amazing people, that have so much to offer.  God bless each and every one of you in your future endeavors, and I hope to see you guys again in the future.  A new bond has been forged, and an extended family gained.

Jason "Jay" Karras

Most Relaxing Vacation I’ve Ever Taken

I was a recent participant in the fishing trip with Frogman Outdoors and I was extremely impressed. As a senior NCO, I know the amount of planning and coordination required to put together events like this. It was seamless.

Missy and Kevin made the trip an adventure and thought of everything. From the time we arrived to the time we left, we didn’t have to worry about anything. This was probably the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken. As for the fishing itself, there is not a better group of people to be on the water with. Kevin and Bruce provided great guidance and were great company. Todd, Charlie and Zack were also phenomenal. Nowhere else could one get such great one on one advice about fishing; at least not without considerable expense.

Finally, I want to thank everyone involved with Frogman Outdoors, including Native Eyewear, Bass Pro Shops, The Island Bar and Grill, Long Doggers. If you are a wounded veteran and this opportunity comes your way, take it. You will not regret it.

Alton B.

Amazing from Start to Finish

Frogman Outdoors, I want to say thank you for the amazing trip. I honestly can’t say thanks enough. The trip was amazing from start to finish.

After my injuries down range and being moved away from team to be an instructor, I have been disconnected and away from “team life”. The opportunity to hangout and crack jokes with other SOF guys was the best part for me.  Getting out on the water and catching fish might be the best medicine for any recovery.

Thanks again for this amazing trip.


A Class Act

From start to finish, Frogman Outdoors is a class act. Kevin and Missy are the kindest hosts who truly care about their guests. From day 1 Missy and Kevin go out of their way to make sure their guests are comfortable and happy. On the boat Kevin, Andrew, and Steve make every effort to ensure you catch fish.

My buddy Chris and I were the first double leg amputees Kevin and his crew took fishing. It was obvious from the start they didn’t know what to expect, but Kevin was very willing to learn. We hopped on the boat and the next three days we had a great time catching fish.

Long story short, I had a great time. The company, the fishing, the food, and the view made an unforgettable trip. I would like to thank Missy and Kevin for taking the time to care and for giving their time and resources. Frogman Outdoors is a great organization because of good, caring people.

Thanks for everything.


Frogman Outdoors After Action

Frogman Outdoors After Action.

 Travel:  Arrangements were made quickly and effectively. I was able to give my plans to Melissa and she in turn found great flights that got me to and from Florida with no problems.  I feel confident that a future participant with special needs, or coming from a difficult location would have no problems. I thought at one point that I was missing something and I e-mailed Melissa about it. She got back to very quickly and I found out I already had the information. The important point is that she and Frogman Outdoors are ready to assist with any travel troubles.

 Lodging: The hotel on Cocoa Beach was awesome. It was centrally located, and the rooms overlooked the ocean. It was really nice to wake up and watch the sun rise on the ocean. The hotel staff to include the Manager and the Bar tender were awesome. I truly felt at home with these fine people.  Big thanks to the Manager and her husband Dave, great people.

 Dining: Kevin, Steve and Melissa took care of all the major eating arrangements. The area restaurants were pretty good. Dining in that area is obviously vacation themed, but service and quality was overall good. Not having to think about eating arrangements was awesome. We all got together and came up with a plan, and it worked well.

 Fishing: I have not fished from as nice of a boat as Kevin and Melissa’s. It was great fun to work the river for trout. I really liked working the mangroves as well as seeing the sea-life. We had a day of off-shore fishing planned but Kevin and Steve gave us their professional opinion and E.J. and I agreed that staying inshore would be a better idea than fighting the high swells and fast wind.  That brings me to another point. Our schedule was laid out very well so that we weren’t overwhelmed and exhausted in order to get as much fishing In as possible. We adjusted off of the weather and water, the staff didn’t make it an issue to stay inshore. We all talked about it and agreed to stay on the river. I know some folks don’t like to change a plan for prideful reasons or ego. That was not the case. Fishing was fun and very educational for me. I haven’t done it in years and as my boys get older I plan on introducing them to it as well.

 Fellowship:  I felt like I fit right in with Steve and Kevin. It was fun to just talk and share stories with fellow Special Operations guys. Along with E.J. I immediately felt at home. Hearing everyone’s stories  and sharing my own was a lot of fun.  We were just a bunch of guys with similar backgrounds having a good time.  I felt like I made some good friends on this trip and I hope to run into everyone again.

 Schedule: I thought the schedule was set up perfectly. I didn’t feel like I was rushed or pushed to make a bunch of obligations.  I personally like having some guidance in order to stay on track with a schedule. But I didn’t feel any pressure to adhere to anything.

 Staff: Kevin and Melissa as well as Steve brought us into their home like we were family.  I was really a great gesture. I don’t have lot of money these days and to be able to take a trip like this was a blast. I would not be able to afford this type of thing presently unless I was to incur some serious debt.  Even so, to spend time on the water with two fishermen like Kevin and Steve was just plain awesome.  I really like working with them on the boat. They seem to know everything, and their manner and attitude on the boat is very relaxed. It was just good relaxing fun.

 Recommendations: I liked the small numbers, I enjoyed fishing and hanging out with a small group. I would keep this trip the same size and not change much if anything.

 Sponsors: It was really cool to get top of the line sunglasses and that bag of fishing gear from Bass Pro Shop. All of that gear together will help me get my fishing gear supplies back up to stock so I can take my sons fishing.  All of the stuff they gave us was really cool. I cannot say enough about what that gesture says. But thank you.


God Bless You Guys

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your program. It was such a great experience and I learned a lot. I had gone fishing in the past but nothing as awesome as this. Everything was great from  the pick up, to the hotel to all the meals provided. I enjoyed the one on one time with the men and like I said learned a lot. Thank you all for also being kind and patient with me. Once again thank you for everything and may God bless you guys.


World Class Organization

The experience that had this past week fishing was unlike any I’ve ever had. Immediately, It felt like I was an old friend that was meeting up to go fishing for a few days. The level of hospitality from this extraordinary group of individuals made me feel at home and comfortable. Coming back home I not only felt a sense of healing but felt like I added family. Not to mention the amazing fishing that we experienced. This is hands down a world class organization ran by a world class team. Y’alls passion for this is inspiring and I feel truly blessed to have you guys in the community. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for what you do and what you did for me.

Brian Sanchez
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